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Meet The Team



Owner and team member most likely to be found in the tea room.

I've wanted to own a tea room for as long as I can remember and my dream became reality when I opened Chataways. I want every customer to leave feeling as though they are welcome at Chataways, because you are!


Our motto is "customers leave as friends" and we truly hope you do!



Supportive husband and team member most likely to be found delivering your afternoon teas!

Also known for his unusual drink flavours/combinations and mouth-watering cake creations. Ask him about his bacon and vanilla sponge cake (it shouldn't work but apparently it does).

Very good at loading the dishwasher and tidying up after Natalie.



Eldest son and least likely to be found in the tea room, but a great team member when he is there!

Most likely to be found kicking a ball around the car park with earphones in.



Youngest son and very enthusiastic team member. Very good at mopping the floor!

He is also our resident comedian and will often be found at Chataways during the school holidays keeping the customers laughing (whether he means to or not).



Natalie's youngest sister and wonderful tea room assistant.

She's rather good at making the drinks and keeping everything sparkling clean...if you put a knife down and turn around it will already be gone, washed up and ready to be re-used.

Too camera-shy for a proper photo, but you can just make her out in the background of this one.



Keeping it in the family, Elyssa is Sarah's eldest child, and this is her first Saturday job!

Full of initiative and a great hot chocolate maker, Elyssa is a wonderful addition to the Chataways team and it's fantastic to watch her skills develop week by week. She's also not as camera-shy as her mum, so you're treated to a photo!

With additional outstanding contributions and wonderful support from:-


Julie, Andrew, Philippa, Frejya, Oscar, Dave, Sarah B, Sharon C, Lois L

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